Night VFR

VFR Night
The qualification allows pilots to fly during night time in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) – this opens up whole new world of flying. This can be quite a handy addition to your license should you be delayed by weather or for any other reason.

During this training you will develop the skills you have gained on PPL(A) course and will acquire the necessary competencies to safely perform night flights. Just like during the PPL(A) training you will be first given the theoretical training during which we will discuss the most important issues related to night flights.

Once completed the theoretical part you will use your knowledge in practice flying both with and without instructor.

Holders of VFR NIGHT RATING can perform flights before sunrise and after sunset. It is also a prerequisite mandatory to all those pilots who want to obtain an IR Rating and continue their further career.

5 hour theoretical course consists of the following:
Aviation Law
Safety and Human Factors in Aviation

5 hours of flights:
3 hours single-engine dual, out of which one hour is flight navigation
2 hours of single-engine independent flight

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